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Weekapaug has two beautiful beaches, each with its own distinct character.  Fenway Beach sits across from the Fire District office and is ideal for families with young children.  It has a gentle slope, is ideal for swimming, building sand castles and body surfing.  The Inn Beach, directly across from the Weekapaug Yacht Club, is geared more for older families, as well as Inn guests.  With its more abrupt drop-off, this beach requires a quick entry into the water and is ideal for swimming parallel to the shore.  Bathers should be aware of possible rip currents and undertows at both beaches.  It is strongly encouraged for each bather to check-in with the life guards to get a sense of the conditions of the surf, as well as let them know you will be under their care.

Please take the time to read the rules posted on the large painted beach boards at the entrance of each beach.  Life guards are on duty at both beaches at specified times during the summer season, weather permitting.  The Inn Beach will have life guard supervision from 10am-5:30pm and Fenway Beach will be safe for swimming from 10am-6pm.

Beach buttons must be displayed at the beaches by everyone 13 years and older are not to be given away or sold to non-residents for any reason.  They are distributed at the WFD office for an annual nominal fee.  

Walking or biking to the beaches is encouraged as parking is limited.  It is recommended to lock all bikes, while enjoying the beach. Parking is permitted for WFD residents with a parking sticker and are available at the WFD office for an annual fee.


Beach boxes are permitted only on Fenway Beach and require identification and a pre-paid fee at the WFD office. Beach box dimensions need to be 5’L x 3’W x 3”H.  Larger boxes will be required to sit in the parking lot.

Fenway Beach is the designated area for beach parties. Fire permits may be obtained at the WFD office, with a refundable security deposit required.


For safety, surf board and boogie boards can be used at the beach only within certain parameters. Any board with a hard fin is prohibited while the life guards are on duty. Boards which hold a soft fin will be allowed on the surf only at the discretion of the life guards.  Your child will need to bring their board to the life guard for inspection before taking it into the water.  


We ask all beach goers to carry out whatever they choose to bring in.  There is a dumpster in the Fenway parking lot for daily trash.  No alcoholic beverages or glass containers are allowed on the beaches.


Staying off the dunes and dune grass is vital to the preservation of the dunes and the beaches.

Enjoy our lovely beaches, help keep them clean and BE SAFE!

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