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Weekapaug Residents appreciate the beauty of our unique coastal community and all of the sports and activities it offers. The Community Affairs Committee  helps to  preserve Weekapaug’s traditions and to support a sense of community among its residents.  This Committee works on facilitating clear and efficient communications through the WFD Office and supervises the use of the Weekapaug “W”.  It also supports community wide events and activities as opportunities for residents to socialize and have fun together.


We welcome all new residents and renters and encourage all to participate in community activities.

Volunteers are always needed to help events and activities run smoothly. Please contact the Community Affairs Committee or event coordinators to volunteer!

Nat Earle Walk/Run

The Nat Earle Walk/Run, held every year on or around July 4th, began in 2003 as a way to commemorate Nat, his love and contributions to the Weekapaug Yacht Club (WYC).  In his early years, Nat learned to sail, to race, and later became the head sailing instructor.  As an adult, he was an active volunteer, always helping and encouraging young sailors to enjoy sailing. In addition, he was on the Board of the WYC and a Commodore.

The WYC was dear to his heart, and he would be proud and humbled by the participation in the Walk/Run and the financial support dedicated in his memory. The donations (IMO of Nat)  and the proceeds from the Walk/Run support the Junior Sailing Program and have been used to purchase boats enabling young sailors to participate in the WYC program.

The Nat Earle Walk/Run has a special place in the list of summer activities that promote the WYC and the Weekapaug community spirit.

Through his many years of involvement in the WYC, Nat forged lasting friendships that have contributed to the success of this event. Ted Sherman and his wife Sheryl are integral members of the event team as are Richard and Jane Sherman, Ruth and Stearns Bryant, Missy Owen Langley, and Donna Byrnes.  In addition, Nat’s family has proudly supported this event each year with their presence and event organization: Anne Earle, his wife;  his son Cabot Earle and wife Christina (children: Henry, Eliot, and Caroline); and Nat’s daughter, Ashley Weiderman and husband Andy (children: Alexandra, William and Emily). Thank you to everyone who has supported this event every year and thus perpetuated the memory of Nat.

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