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Community guidelines for being a good neighbor:

Preserving the Ambiance and Natural Beauty of our Community:

  • Please follow the “Carry In/Carry Out” policy at beaches.

  • Be reminded that that dogs are to be walked on a leash and are not allowed on the beaches at any time. Kindly pick up after your dog. 

  • Quiet barking dogs, especially during evening and early morning hours.

  • Please be respectful of neighbors when hosting parties and avoid noise late at night.

  • Use lawn equipment, blowers, and small engines only between the hours of 8AM-5PM, M-F. 

  • Please be respectful of Beach Regulations, especially beach button usage. Refrain from smoking or vaping at the beaches, using drones, ball-playing , and playing music. 

  • Alcohol is not permitted on the beaches.

  • Beach towels and drying areas are best hidden from public view.

  • Commercial signs for realtors or trades are discouraged.

  • Secure garbage cans to discourage scavengers. 

Road Safety:

  • Please trim shrubs and brush away from roads and driveways to provide open sightlines for motorists, and emergency vehicles.

  • When cycling, please wear a helmet.

  • Respect speed limits and be aware of pedestrians and bicycles.

  • Be mindful of parking restrictions of cars, trailers, boats, construction materials, PODS, etc. along our narrow roadways.


Home Construction:

  • Please make every effort to avoid major construction in the summer months.

  • Limit construction to the hours of 8AM-5PM M-F.

  • Create space for construction vehicles to park on property or make a plan for parking elsewhere.

  • Maintain property appearance during construction.

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