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Public Safety

Weekpaug Security 401-322-0740.  Emergencies 911.

We are fortunate to have a veteran security force, led by longtime security director, Tom Gulluscio. The primary purposes of the Weekapaug Security Force are the public safety and the monitoring of unauthorized use of the beaches, parking lots, and other private property. Radio communication exists between lifeguards, security guards, the security vehicle, and the harbor patrol, which operates on summer weekends on Quonochontaug Pond.  


Road Safety:

  • Roadside trees and shrubs on private property should be maintained and trimmed to provide open site lines to promote the safety of all of our roads – pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists.

  • All cyclists are strongly encouraged to wear helmets, bright colored clothing and/or day glow strips for better visibility and to use hand signals to indicate to others when turning.

  • Respect the speed limits and consider driving even more slowly. Be aware of pedestrians and those on bicycles.

  • Park in designated parking areas. Be aware of parking restrictions along our narrow roadways.

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