Those who live in Weekapaug, whether as permanent or summer residents, share a deep sense of community generated by an appreciation of our beautiful natural coastal environment as well as the many recreational and social activities available to adults and children alike. Over the years, many traditions have been passed down that enhance this enjoyable experience and high quality of life for all. Thank you for continuing these simple courtesies and customs that ensure the safety of our community and make life in Weekapaug so special.

Preserving the Ambiance and Natural Beauty of our Community

  • Keep Weekapaug beautiful by following the Carry In/Carry Out policy at beaches. Consider helping by picking up any litter along roadsides or on beaches and disposing of it at home.

  • Please help maintain a neighbor’s treasured view by trimming tree that block the vista.

  • Be reminded that that dogs are to be walked on a leash and are not allowed on the beaches at any time. Kindly pick up after your dog and
    dispose of bags at home.

  • Quiet barking dogs, particularly during evening and early morning hours.

  • Please be respectful of neighbors when hosting parties and avoid noise late at night. If you are a parent, be aware of and control under-age drinking.

  • Use lawn equipment, blowers, and small engines only between the hours of 8AM-5PM, M-F. 

  • Please be respectful of the Beach Regulations including beach button usage. Refrain from smoking/vaping at the beaches, using drones, ballplaying near sunbathers, and playing music that infringes on enjoyment of others. Alcohol is not permitted on the beaches.

  • Beach towels and drying areas are best hidden from public view.

  • Commercial signs for realtors or trades are discouraged, particularly near roadways.

  • Secure garbage cans to discourage scavengers and use in-yard garbage pickup services.


Road Safety

  • Please trim shrubs and brush away from roads and driveways to provide open sightlines for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists, as well as emergency vehicles.

  • When cycling, whether an adult or child, wear a helmet, bright colored clothing and/or day glow strips for better visibility. Use hand signals to indicate when turning and never text or use your phone while riding.

  • Respect speed limits and be aware of pedestrians and those on bicycles.

  • Be mindful of parking restrictions of cars, trailers, boats, construction materials, PODS, etc. along our narrow roadways.


Home Construction

  • Please make every effort to avoid major construction in the summer months.

  • Limit construction to the hours of 8AM-5PM M-F.

  • Create space for construction vehicles to park on property or make a plan for parking elsewhere.

  • Maintain property appearance during construction.

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